It brought tears in my eyes

Hi Friend,

The Lioness who saved its prey.

 Honestly It brought tears in my eye while watching the story of a Lioness at Animal Planet.One Lonely lioness found one baby deer but strangely he didn’t eat it her mothers instinct forced her to protect the baby.It continued protecting the baby deer for 16 days! without eating/It even didn’t left the baby alone and didn’t hunt other animal for her own living. but suddenly one day a big Lion ambushed and taken the baby and killed it. The lioness has showed exactly the same reaction as if her one cub got killed!!!Strangely enough after this she also adapted sixteen other orphan deers and protected them. It has became a legend in that Jungle.Even the Animal Planet camera man team also couldn’t stop crying while shooting the unusual relationship. And we call them beasts!!! Then what are we?? civilized monsters who blindly exploits mother natures natural resources to such extent thet even our own existence is in danger

Wild animals kills for food, they never hunt or kills unless they are hungry or threatened. But we human beings kill for pride, fun, ego, enmity.

What say? At least I pray that we can learn some thing from that lioness which have shown more humanity than any human being by not eating its prey.


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